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Providing high-quality and affordable home care services since 1984

In 1963, Florence Kuo traveled from China to San Francisco on an eighteen-day boat ride with her husband and three young children. In California, she had her fourth child.  Florence and her family moved to Santa Cruz, California in 1969. There, Florence work as an RN at a local hospital for over 20 years.

In the early 1980's, a physician working with Florence asked if anyone could help his elderly mother who lived at home. Florence gathered some of her friends from the community together to help the physician'smother. Word soon got out that Florence had a group of people who could help seniors living at home.

Florence's desire to volunteer and help her friends and associates in the community led to a dedicated and successful family-run home care business. Sadly, Florence passed in 2014, however her mission lives on; to provide high quality and affordable home care services to those in need from kind, compassionate, caring and experienced caregivers.

Florence Kuo Home Care, LLC. continues to operate today with her two daughters Rachel and Irene, who are equally committed to helping people in our community.

Just like how it was in the 1980s, all caregivers, as well as clients, are referred by word of mouth.

Florence Kuo.

Florence Kuo.